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Primary activity of “Gulp” Group of Companies, established in 2006, is composed of the following directions: construction and development, industry, catering services.

 The backbone of the industrial activity of Gulf Group is formed by the instrument – making plant in Ganja, privatized in 2006 and specializing in production of “Smart” type gas and water meters of new generation, as well as Alat pre-stressed concrete railway sleepers plant. The washed gravel and sand quarry with a daily capacity of 1000 tons, located in Imishli region of Azerbaijan, plays a significant role in supplying the plant with raw materials.

The catering activity of “Gulf ” Group of Companies is based on the work of a number of restaurants and entertainment venues, such as “Qala Bazaar”, “Cızz –Bızz”, “Passage 1901”, “Top Qapı”, “Café de Paris”, Hezz club and Lounge” and many other places. Each of the listed restaurants occupies a special niche in the catering business of Baku and features carefully designed interior and a special atmosphere, as well as a wide range of dishes of both national and international cuisines. Construction activity of “Gulf ” Group dates back to the founding of the company. For all the period of its activity the company has realized and implemented numerous projects:

• In Baku city: “Chirag Plaza” office and hotel complex, “City Point” office building, two residential units, about ten private houses and villas, numerous restaurants, “Qarant multi – purpose residential complex, “Rainbow” residential complex in Mahammadi village, residential complex in Akhmadli settlement and etc.

• In Goychay region: a ten –storeyed residential building. Also an ancient mosque of the 19th century has been completely restored in this region.

• In Ganja city: a 696 apartment multi – purpose residential complex “New Ganja”.

• In Almaty, Kazakhstan: a 16-storeyed “Almaty Residence” office building.

• In Kiev, Ukraine: a two – storeyed cafe “V dosku” at Melnik St. 28.

The company is also projecting the construction of a many-storeyed residential complex at Pobeda Pr. 130/1.

For execution of each of the above – mentioned projects we have used the latest technological innovations and environmentally friendly materials to ensure the convenience and security of our customers.