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Çiraq Plaza

"Chirag Plaza" Hotel and Business Centre, started operation in October 2010 - it is a unique architectural complex, which set new standards of quality in provided services to tenants and guests of the building.

This 15-storey building, designed by foreign engineering team on the project of famous Azerbaijani architect Nariman Imamaliev. The materials used in construction and decoration of the interior, do not allow to doubt belonging the complex to the "A" class, and office spaces located in the open light floors of the business center, it is extremely effective in terms of workspace organization.

"Chirag Plaza" has been nominated in two nominations the "World Travel Award", got the "Platinum Eagle" for quality and service from the World Tourism Organization, and was awarded the National premium  "Azeri Business Award 2012" in the nomination "Business Hotel of the Year" .

"Chirag Plaza" has the SGS quality certificate, which indicates the seismic resistance of the building that can withstand many natural disasters.

"Chirag Plaza" Hotel and Business Center is an oasis of comfort, which thought over everything for a good rest and where always we  will be glad to see you.

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